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Thank you so much!!! We are thrilled you want to be an affiliate of Kids Digital U Online. Of course we hope you make a small fortune helping us deliver this one of a kind service. We offer an overwhelming value proposition to kids interested in all things 3D. Remember we are only set up to pay commissions via PayPal. You may pay yourself hourly if you wish but again, and to be crystal clear, we only pay via PayPal. Kindly populate our simple registration form below and you are in business. After you register you will be redirected to our affiliate area that will include your dashboard. Also, the next time you log in you will automatically be re-routed to your dashboard where you may obtain our “creatives” or better said our media to put on your website or into emails and see/analyze your statistics including referrals (number of visits), purchases or conversions, graphs, paid and unpaid earnings and of course generate a payment to yourself via PayPal. Remember we also offer direct linking so visitors to your website will not see any affiliate link when they hover over your media or text. We strongly encourage our affiliates to use direct link technology whenever possible. Good luck!!!

Again you will be re-routed to your dashboard after registering below. For reference you can find it at www.kidsdigitalu.net/affiliate-area.

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