We are open 7 days/week at 781-708-1255 except major holidays. Next time we will be closed is for Memorial Day (Monday May 27, 2019).

We are open 7 days/week at 781-708-1255 except major holidays. Next time we will be closed is for Memorial Day (Monday May 27, 2019).


First & foremost thank you very much for considering Kids Digital U Online. Be sure to learn more about Kids Digital U in the About Us section of our website.

This website offers online 3D design and animation related learning experiences, 3D project files (perfect for kids who want to make engaging 3D content for social media or a school project), stunning digital downloads and virtual access to our state of the art studios in Boston, MA including the full use of our render farm and 3D printing and mobile video flip book services for kids. In the near future we will offer similar learning experiences for kids in computer coding (JavaScript & Python). Later this year (in October 2019) we will offer learning experiences for kids in video gaming. Again and to be crystal clear as of today this website offers online 3D related learning systems and virtual access to all our 3D related services for kids aged 10 and up. Though our curriculums and services are scripted for kids, we strongly encourage parents & guardians to learn alongside their child/children and share in the wonders of our 3D technologies. It is a wonderful way to spend quality time together…and you as the parent/guardian not only learn our subject matter…but something about your child/children as well. If you hustle, we can run your 3D project through our 3D print lab today for delivery tomorrow. Even quicker we can usually turn around our mobile video flip books in a few hours as well. There is so much to do on Kids Digital U Online.

Technically this website operates like a subscription or membership website/service. Parents, teachers and guardians can enroll their class, child or children by selecting the 3D learning program of their choice (Basic, Standard, Advanced, Pro, Ultimate or Guru) and remitting the annual tuition(s). Once enrolled your child/children (the “Student”) can log in to our systems using their (or your) email address to access our curriculum(s) and, if applicable, related 3D project files and other services. We provide step by step instructions via video tutorials for everything including how to log in, how to download and install Cinema 4D (the 3D software we use), use the applicable tutorials and project files as well as how premium members upload projects to our animation studio for processing (i.e. 3D printing & video flip book services or our render farm). We constantly add new learning material and other 3D digital goodies. All memberships are for one year. We do not auto-renew enrollment/membership nor will we send reminder notices that your child’s enrollment/membership is about to expire. We encourage you to manage membership as we add new content quite often and, at times, without notice. The decision is yours to auto-renew (which we generally encourage).

Students with Ultimate and/or Guru memberships are provided instructions on how to upload their projects on to our systems to either 1) use our render farm to render an animation 2) print their design in our 3D printing lab and 3) upload a file to be processed into mobile video flip book (video flip books are quite popular). Uploads received by 4:00 PM EST are processed overnight and mailed the next business day. Mailing expenses are included in tuition.

Once enrolled, all students receive an 18-month student (non-commercial) license to Cinema 4D Studio version which may be downloaded and installed on to one computer of your choice. Students are also able to log in to the respective membership page on this website to start using all of our systems. Anxious students may also immediately access our professional animation projects. No doubt this is the primary reason our learning systems are so popular. Our curriculums are flexible…some prefer to learn step by step from scratch while others learn by doing. We encourage kids to jump right in if they truly desire. Let’s face it…it’s fun to show off the artisan in all of us. KIDS LOVE LEARNING USING OUR SYSTEMS!!!

It is also important you and the Student(s) understand that any & all licenses provided are non-commercial. 

We have worked very hard to make Kids Digital U Online a reality. Our service offers an overwhelming value proposition for kids serious about learning 3D. We are unaware of any like program or service for kids anywhere. It is also very expensive to bring you this content and maintain our services. Referrals are greatly appreciated. Thank you again for visiting Kids Digital U Online.

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